Alectric Solar Inc., is a dedicated group of renewable energy and construction professionals providing clients with sustainable energy solutions.  Our mission is to be an innovator in renewable energy technology and be at the forefront of providing solar energy globally.  Alectric Solar’s experience includes;

FIT Rooftop Projects – 40MW

MicroFIT Projects – 350 installations

Ground Mount FIT – 5MW

Ground Mount UK -  50MW

Alectric Solar is expanding operations into the US market as well as Central America, Eastern Europe and Ireland.  We are currently working with various developers with 1GW in development globally.

Our team is a fully licensed electrical contractor that completes all installations in house including electrical, mechanical and civil works.   We have experience managing full EPC and General Construction Contracts.   We are able to provide construction financing, and have multiple European and Canadian off takers looking to acquire projects at mid to late stages of development.

Alectric Solar consistently delivers high quality projects on schedule and within budget.  Our rigorous management process, expertise of our installation team and relationships with suppliers and consultants in the industry allows us to mitigate risks, handle challenges at any stage of construction and deliver successful projects.


  •    Grasshopper Solar Corp
  •    Moose Power Inc
  •    UGE
  •    Solar Brokers Canada/Green Lion Eco Group
  •    Energetic Solar
  •    Etho Energy
  •    Exactus Energy
  •    Panasonic
  •    Tesla

The Person behind Alectric solar success

President & Managing Director Bio: Alan Morrissey

He is the President of Alectric Solar Inc., and CEO of Community First Solar Inc. He holds a B.Eng in Civil Engineering from the Limerick Institute of Technology in Ireland.  Alan has accumulated over 10 years of solar experience including solar development, photo voltaic (PV) system design, racking design and installation of over 50 MW’s worldwide. Alan has managed the construction of hundreds of residential and commercial solar projects in Europe, Canada, USA, Central and South America.