Create your own mini-grid for your remote solution. A solar energy system operates autonomously with almost zero running costs. The savings of a new grid connection pays often less than the cost for the entire installation, additionally the sun won’t send you an electricity bill ever again. Energetic provides solutions for consumer power, habitation and commercial applications. New systems can be combined with electrification and ready to use for you. We can also upgrade or entirely re-power your existing installation with the latest technology. Energy efficiency measures can be applied to optimize the application on top of these aforementioned services.

An off-grid or standalone photovoltaic system is when your solar photovoltaic system is not connected to the utility grid and you are producing your own electricity with solar PV. These systems will generally have a battery bank in order to store the electricity for use when needed.


Off-Grid Inverter


Inverters are the brain of your system and controls most functions of your off-grid system. Depending on the application, Hybrid Inverters or Inverter Chargers can be utilized. They create a pure sinewave AC grid for your appliances and electronics, which is converter from a lower DC Voltage, typically between 12-48V DC

Charge Controller


Charge Controllers use the solar energy from the panels to charge the batteries or provide the power to the inverter and the electrical load. They protect the batteries form over-charging and other battery controls.