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Construction and Development: Commercial and Utility Scale


Alectric Solar has experience developing, design and constructing a variety of projects including:

  • Commercial flat roof, metal roof and corrugated roof structures
  • Groundmounted
  • Carports and other custom projects
  • Battery storage and off-grid solutions

We guarantee you will be impressed by our competitive rates and quality of work.

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Operations and Management: Commercial and Utility Scale


Solar is one of the easiest sources of energy production to maintain. However, O&M is still a vital component to ensuring that your solar projects maintains peak efficiency. We offer competitive rates to manage your solar facility through regularly scheduled maintenance and system performance reviews.

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LED Lighting, Energy Audits and More


Solar is the solution, but consumption is the problem. We offer energy auditing services for your business to highlight areas where you can be saving money on your energy bill. Smart, simple solutions such as LED lighting, intelligent HVAC systems and high-efficiency appliances can all reduce your energy bill and help your company become more sustainable. Get a quote for an energy audit and LED lighting installations today!